Venous Lakes

What are venous lakes?

Venous lakes are small, dark blue to purple slightly elevated papules. These papules are soft and compressible.

Where do they occur?

Venous lakes commonly appear on sun-exposed areas such as the face, lips, ears, neck and back of the hand of elderly people.

What are the symptoms of venous lakes?

These little purple papules are typically asymptomatic, causing no pain or symptoms. They are benign, but often are confused with melanoma therefore they should be evaluated by your doctor. If the venous lake becomes traumatized it may become tender and result in bleeding. However, the vast majority of venous lakes are asymptomatic so treatment is mostly cosmetic.

What causes venous lakes?

The cause of venous lakes is still not completely understood. The most likely cause is chronic sun damage to the walls of the superficial veins. This damage leads to the dilation of veins on the surface of the skin resulting in an elevated, dark blue papule.

How are they treated?

We offer a number of treatment options to remove venous lakes including, laser ablation, liquid nitrogen cryosurgery. These rarely surgical removal.

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