What are Lentigines?  

Lentigines or liver spots, are benign lesions that occur on the sun-exposed areas of the body.

Where do Lentigines occur?

The backs of hands and face are common areas.

What are the symptoms of Lentigines?

The lesions tend to increase in number with age, making them common among the middle age and older population. They can vary in size from 0.2 to 2 cm. These flat lesions usually have discrete borders, are dark in color, and have an irregular shape.

What causes Lentigines?

These lesions are caused by a marked increase in the number of pigment cells located in the superficial layers of the skin. A biopsy should be considered if a lesion develops a highly irregular border, changes in pigmentation, or changes in the thickness to rule out cancer.

How are Lentigines treated?

We offer a number of treatments including topical agents such as hydroquinone preparations (bleaching preparations), retinoid creamchemical peels or lasers.

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